Our Services

Our facility features a multidisciplinary staff of diabetes and endocrinology experts and with
a full range of services to suit your needs.

Thyroid Disease

Providing comprehensive care
to our patients from diagnosis to
long-term management.


Screening, diagnosis, and treatment
of osteoporosis and other
metabolic bone disorders.

Diabetes Clinic

Offering multidisciplinary services
for the management of diabetes
and its complications.


Our diabetes education team
consists of expert registered dietitians
and clinical pharmacists.


We treat gestational diabetes to
help both you and your baby stay
healthy during pregnancy.


Caring for patients with thyroid
nodules, hyperparathyroidism,
thyroid cancers, and more.

Thyroid Disease

The endocrinologists at our clinic are trained in the evaluation,
diagnosis, and treatment of people with thyroid disorders.
Our practice is composed of experienced clinicians and experts
in the field. We take a multidisciplinary approach and work
closely with specialists in a variety of fields to individualize a
treatment plan specific to you. The majority of patients
undergoing procedures can also do same-day procedures,
reducing the number of times you need to come.


Our expert providers work to screen patients for osteoporosis and
other conditions and then help outline a comprehensive treatment
plan to prevent further bone loss and even rebuild bone mass
already lost. Patients come to our clinic by self-referral, physician
referral, or as a follow-up to a hospital visit caused by a break or
fracture. Whether you have experienced a fracture or are concerned
about your bone mineral density, our experts are here to assist you.

Diabetes Clinic

Our clinic provides individualized medical care with thorough
management of blood glucose, the latest diagnostic services,
and multidisciplinary services for management of diabetes
and its complications. Our providers focus on glucose, lipid,
and blood pressure management ensuring that our patients
meet all therapeutic targets recommended by national
organizations. Keeping blood sugar levels low is necessary
to reduce risk of complications of the disease.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is essential to diagnose and treat patients with
diabetes. Our clinic has a diabetes education team consisting of
registered dietitians and clinical pharmacists. Our educators are
highly skilled in all areas of diabetes education, weight loss
management, and basic healthy eating. Our education team
teaches patients to monitor and maintain their blood sugars at
a healthy level to decrease complications associated with diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes

We offer education and support to pregnant women diagnosed
with gestational diabetes. Learn how to protect yourself and
your baby by keeping your blood sugar in a healthy range
throughout your pregnancy. If you’ve been diagnosed with
gestational diabetes or elevated blood sugar in pregnancy,
we provide education and support to help you learn how to
keep your blood sugar in a safe range so that you and your
baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Endocrinology Disorders

The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs that
use hormones to control your body’s internal balance, metabolism,
energy level, reproduction, growth and responses to outside factors.
An imbalance in any of these hormones can cause a problem.
We offer the most up-to-date assessment of endocrine function
and diagnosis of endocrine disorders. Following a diagnosis, we
will work with you establishing a plan of treatment and ongoing care.


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Kaizen Clinical Partners

We are excited to announce that we are now part of a new organization called Kaizen Clinical Partners.

RGV Adult & Internal Medicine Specialists, PA has joined forces with Donna Medical Clinic, PA and Pedro J. Peñalo, MD, PA in order to serve our community in the Rio Grande Valley through a stronger work force, better resources for our patients, and shared values. Together, we will create a sustainable healthy society by improving well-being in our communities. We will become better every year at delivering equitable, excellent, and efficient primary and preventive care to all we serve.

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